The Call to Teach the World to See and Dream

It has been a couple years since I have offered a formal mentorship program. As this year has unfolded and refolded itself, I have been feeling the stiring of gathering the circle once again.  We are living in a time of change and vision.

All the challenges  of the last few years have tempered my vision to a clear direction. Removed the the obstacles  of doubt. My travels have shown  me a  world that needs the work of earth keepers, shamans, and artists.

The work to be a shaman is more than just a spiritual  practice.  It is the path of  knowing the fire of being alive.   Recognizing the preciousness and potential  of that awareness in order to mediate/navigate the process  to bring balance to the communities  we live in… through bridging the worlds of dreams and realities. This  takes the  willingness  to serve and stoke your inner fire to create, heal, and inspire change for the greater good of the universe.

We find all this in the complexity  and beauty  of the  world around us  and in the mysteries  of the cosmos. It is the exploring of art, science, ceremonies and the innermost places of our mind and spirit as it walks through time and space of this life time.

My mentorship program will be starting in January 2021. The Mentorship is limited to 13 people for the cohesiveness of created a working circle that supports and sustains each individual. The number 13 is also the number of moon cycles in a year.

I will interviewing those who are interested starting in October. The commitment is for one year. For program and application details Send an email to :


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