The Entropy of War

Over the last few days I’ve been watching the slow motion unrolling of the Russian troops as they begin to pierce, carve apart and penetrate into the Ukraine. There’s a deep sadness from watching this. This giant country run by a tiny paranoid man, that has more land than any other country on the planet. Yet it wants to take a small parcel of earth and culture away from a small group of people who have democratically chose to govern themselves.

I’m also troubled by ways that TV displays war in real time. We get the personal side. We get the leadership side. We get the economic side. We get all the different perspectives woven into this weird reality TV show format. The corporate media has created a hybridizing of entertainment and news. This keeps us gripped on world affairs in a voyeuristic manner. It’s just enough to engage and far enough away to feel safe.

Even with it’s distasteful way of presenting war into our living rooms and onto our devices. I sense a welling up in humanity. We are tired of war. Many of us have lived several decades with war as the back drop and for the reality of their lives. For some their entire all they have only known is a world that has been at war. War for resources, water and oil. Wars for land and religious dominance. War to cover up corruption. War to distract from economic truths. We have watched our scientists, military complexes, and workforces create and build more and more things to mutilate human bodies and destroy this planet.

If anything these wars have created an economic insulation for the uber rich. They dictate how they want to play this bizarre chess game with innocent lives and broker resources without consequence. They see no fault in destroying the earth for the resources to fight war. They see no reason to not destroy the art, the culture and the diversity of this planet for war. In their capitalistic drive for more power they will destroy this Earth and everything on it if they think it will make them more money.

Yet somehow this invasion of Ukraine feels like it’s awakening of something inside of humanity. It’s awakening that part of us that’s sick and tired of losing family members to the machine of war, watching war destroy our economic stability, driving people from one place to another in search of home and safety. Starving people. Deciding who is worthy and who is not. The only people who gain from war are those who profit. The rest of us are the collateral damage of greed and power. Over decades the corrupt and powerful have banked that the collective destruction of our humanity would keep us down. That our need just to survive day-to-day will keep us from protesting. That the fear of speaking up or acting in a way to defend our humanity would keep us from noticing the god-awful situations we are expected to thrive in. They had banked that they had convinced us that the crumbs they gave us we were the only things we were worthy of. They defined our humanity was worth through the lens of Capitalism. Our society is degraded and then fed the addictive pleasures of dreams and false truths. Taught ideologies that divided us and kept us a part because the enemy was our neighbor…. The enemy had a different color of skin… The enemy was educated…. The be enemy practiced in a different religion, The enemy wanted to steal your little plot of something and give it to somebody else… We were handed lack and fear and told it was abundance. We were told strength is in the individual and the collective could not be trusted. And the oligarchs got richer the rest of us worked harder for less and we sent our children to war.

But I believe we are in the entropy of war. War is no longer stabilizing. War is not peacekeeping. There’s no longer a truly justifiable reason for the resources of this planet to be invested in weapons of its destruction, the massacre of Humanity and the drivetsity of this planet.

We are deserving of the wealth, beauty, art and cultural and bio- diversity that is the true treasure of this planet. We have the technology and resources to evolve away from fossil fuels and to build a future that is economically fair, and culturally diverse, and protective of this planet.

We don’t need any more wars. We need each other We need our Humanity.