A New Year’s Poem

A New Year’s poem

It never ends.
It keeps going.
The sun rises.
The moon sets
Waves crash and roll.
A gajillion stars made this night sky
The moon haunts the Earth’s shadow.
My breath hangs as the air chills for snow.
This year ends.

This particular one will pass with the whimper of losses.
The rages of fires still burning on all the parched places.
Our helpless actions.
Hands dropped to the side looking at the ground.

Some waiting in lines for beer to celebrate
and others food to feed themselves.
Still we walk forward to another cycle.
Another day.

Each breath a gift.
Our bodies filled and temporarily satisfied.
The mind darts into the folded spaces
Reevaluating life and death choices.
Navigating the shifting moments that tumble forward.
Rhythmically passing into the next revealing
A mystery materializing while exhaling.
Only to be drawn in with the next breath
To scribble some more on the dreams still waiting.
A new year begins again.
An unphased continuum of greater and lesser things.
Life without end.