Geopolitically we are still building walls to separate people, land and resources. The out dated truth of this is becoming more and more apparent. The climate issues haven’t sunk in or the reality of what is to come is so big and incomprehensible that denying it is the only way to manage it. Watching the brutal deportation of Hatians back to Haiti after years of natural disasters and poor humanitarian response is heart breaking. There is an obserdity to it…. it’s a farce…. We claim the rights to exploite countries for resources while doing the absolute minimum to make efforts to share that wealth in meaningful ways. The slow pace of dealing with the earth changes is painful as the most vulnerable in the world suffer. When your country completely collapses where do you go? If you have no water, food, shelter or resources where do you go?

This part of the climate change issue has never been addressed in any meaningfulway. Every country has kicked this can of chaos and humanitarian suffering down the road. Hoping to hand it off to another generation or insulated themselves with military spending and walls of various kinds.

Life on this planet is designed to migration. For millions of years mammals have traveled with the seasons and resources. As the earth changed the patterns of these migratory routes shifted. Some species were better at these adaptation others. Some became better at seasonal extremes and stayed put. And some just could not get it together and went extinct.

Whether it is man made or natural, mass migration needs to be part of any long term solutions developed for how we deal with resources, infrastructure and economic solvency. From now into the future. If we don’t address this, the scenes we see unfolding under a bridge in Texas and elsewhere will be the reality. Huge gatherings of people willing to try anything to elevate their lives out of suffering and death.

People will migrate towards food, water and some kind of safe place to live. This is the great undoing and a restructuring of countries, infrastructures, governing, economies, resources etc … To not see this or take action seems the willful decision to let the suffering unfold and see what remains.


We seem to be in the careening drunken throws of what reality is. The “reality is whatever you believe or make up” crowd has twisted reason, smashed all common sense and has thrown wrenches into everything. All the while claiming they are the wizards of truth and justice. They can fix this. Some hail their nail messiah savior as the medicine and their earth born charlatans as holy wisdom keepers. Their delusion bus is traveling so fast no one can really see the scenery…. the tour guides drone on and on about how wonderful it all is….. black smoke billows out the back and the driver is drunk…. the bus creaks and groans…. but don’t pay attention to that. It’s all great. Just wrap it in a flag.

I read every morning the covid stats from the New York Times. Then I read the latest quagmires stagnating in Washington DC. Then climate stuff…. People are still dying of covid. The infrastructure in this country is collapsing. The climate is continuing to evolve towards dire conditions everywhere. It’s the great unraveling. The evolutionary entropy that inevitability comes as order falls in to chaos.

I’m optimistic enough to think we will get through this. I also have a strong fight in me to see this through. How we get through this will depend on the sacrifices and adaptive measures we take now.

Entropy is not predictable yet it does move towards order. We can direct ourselves towards that order by the actions and policies we put in place. It’s also going to require thinking with a wider and long term lens. It can no longer be about sustainability it must be about cathartic systematic change. Changes so radical that we are no longer the same.

Some of the biggest issues are migration/immigration, water, agriculture/food, housing, economic solvency…. and infrastructure. We all need to be finding our places in these areas and developing local and world solutions.

This is as much a spiritual awakening as it is a practical one.

The deep healing is this.

Free What!?

Some days I am agast at the twisted myopic dribble that is spread in the name of freedom. People are thumping their chests to state their personal sovereignty yet can’t get out of the weeds if their purely selfish actions and ideological irrationality. Are your personal rights more important than having concerns for others? This bloated narcissistic poisoning of reason is why we have the ICUs filled with covid patients and people resorting to livestock medicine for a cure.

Why in all that is reasonable in the world is mask wearing the gateway to your oppression? Or castrator of your personal freedom? Is it the freedom to to be sick? Freedom to infect others because you don’t care… It’s not your problem? It’s your freedom to choose when you die? It’s your freedom to do whatever you damn well please at whatever cost to others because you are the only thing that matters?

This insane justification of self over others has taken hold across many different groups from spiritual to political. It has infected the public sphere and exploited the poor and empower the privileged to make some of the most egregious choices that we will be paying for in lives and resources for a long time.

We have fed the beast of this lunacy with the memes, social media bias, and the shear glut of misinformation that is churned out to fill every bit of data space in the cyber world. They have vilified the experts and raise to royalty the charlatans of quakery. And all of this noise has consequences… those consequences are the indifference and cavalier way some are willing to dismiss other’s lives for the misidentified notion of freedom.

Freedom is not going to end this. Freedom is not what will save you. Freedom has a cost that requires an ecology that allows for personal liberty and the united actions that bring about that ecology for freedom to exist. Freedom is NOT a personal stand we take because we are the most important. Freedom is the recognition of the true value of our humanity and it right to live in pursuit of meaningful existence through sacrifice and compassion. We don’t have freedom at the expense/oppression of others…. whether we agree with them or not.

This personal sovereignty freedom movement is a march towards extinction. This is the entropy of humanity. The chaos.

Rugged individualism is a myth along with personal freedom if there is no society or world to live in.