The Grace of 2020

The sky held it’s blue

Still…. as the winds and clouds brushed along the the edges of the terrain. Waves rolled in rhymes to meet the sand as plovers rushed along looking for tiny crustaceans. Gulls floated effortlessly in the clumsy way they catch the winds.

The Sun rose each day marking the journey of cosmic time each day a little longer and warmer to stir the seeds of sleeping harvests. Icy rain slid down the trunks of trees as night filled with the calls of Owls. The restlessness. Each day’s light lingered to meet the moon as she made her way up from the horizon….

The bees drunk on pollen sleep in squash blossoms while trees full of leaves sway with the breeze. Storm clouds rise with the humidity of the day. While the smooth waters part as ducks swim into the grasses. Hawks rest on fence posts. Cars drive past…

The cicadas buzz the canopies and leave their earth armor on the bark of trees. Their last day is made to create new life and die ….they fall and feed the soil. Ants marching into tunnels filled with eggs carrying the remains.

The lichens disolve the stone, to create minerals, that enrich the soil, to feed the trees that hold the birds, that shade the earth, that the stars birth in the cosmos that time and space built.

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