Mobius Journey….

Some times as we go though the toughest of times the victory seems the goal. We celebrate triumphant. The victory is the sweet recovery of power. Things shift. The world after the darkness sees light and hope. This election has brought these feelings of success. The crowds dance and celebrate. The era of Trump is ending. We over came our diveristy to unite in the renaissance of our demoncracy. The country is a shade of Biden/Harris blue and the red tide of hate is fighting it’s last stand…. (between a crematorium and a sex toy shop). The president stomps his feet and knows he is heading to a long march that will bring him to face all his corruption. There is something sweet and bitter about all of it.

These last 4 years have show all the fractures in the perfect persona of 1st world fascade. We petented to be great and mighty while the people with black and brown skin lived in fear and inequal opprtunies. The injustices forced on them are woven into the value their bodies and minds are to a system of jails, poverty, war, and bigatry. They are seen as a commodity for corporations that corrupt the justice and educational systems at the expense of their lives. Yes, we won this election yet, the hard and real work will be to build a better country for everyone. Everyone. That is the most important thing to stress and act on right on.

One of my teachers said a society is only as healthy as the sickest people in it. In this country it is not only racial issues, it is LGBTQ issues, addiction issues, class issues, climate issues, resource issues, housing issues, wage issues, infrasructures…. the list is long and speaks to the neglect that has been dismissed as not real in the systematic gaslighting of America.

“We the people” have been dismissed for the cults of celebratity and corporate power that have stole the values and free thinking minds of generatons. To be a famous in this system is the goal. It gives you everything power, money, luxury, influence regardless of your experience or the collateral damage of your actions.

Sell the rest of the people a religion of consumerism as the metric for self worth, medicate the mind to not feel the failure in not meeting the unurealist goals…. this has been distroyng lives for generations. We have so much to do.

Which is why it is so important to not be caught up in the victory. We haven’t won. We have started. We have to roll up our sleeves and get some dirt under our nails. What we get done in the next 2 years will determine the direction we as a country move in and in the greater co-operation and coordination of the world.

The title of this essay refers to the single sided form called a mobius strip. You can start anywhere and follow it around and you will end up where you began. For me it is symbolic of how time and life work. There is a oness to everything and away that time passes and the movement of the journy takes us to see from differnt perspectives. Eventually leading back to the starting point.

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