Threshold  to the Winter Dreaming

The sun is well on it’s  way to the southern hemisphere. The first snow sticks to the branches and the last leaves on the trees. Temperatures fall as the sun hangs lower in the sky.

In the Celtic tradition, this is the turning of the wheel to begin a new cycle. The New Year.  Things begin  to freeze and solidify. The growth of Spring and Summer are now the harvests of a year in turmoil… the wheel wobbles along. This year the date of the full moon and Samhain coincides with an election that hangs so much on participation in the outcome of ideologies and political direction. It is marked by long lines snaking about in some slow motion snake- like spiral dance. The metaphor of transcendence and and transformation…. shedding the old…. the skin that no longer serves. Releasing one’s self from the delusions, perceptions and thinking that has been the underlying cause of this country’s current state….

This snake of humanity feels the constricting of the year’s struggles and the internal growth that has become the awakening. The skin of old ideologies becomes irritating. Useless. The eyes become blind for a time…. the senses dull… and then the skin tears… the renewed snake slips out. Shiny and ready for the winter.

Sheading. Leaving behind the things that no longer serve. Taking the harvests of ideas and actions into the cave of winter dreaming to build the architectures of a new humanity.

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