Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant

We are here today because of the progress made by others. The arts, Mathematics,  Sciences, Medicine,  Humanities, Technologies, the list of other cultural and social systems they pioneer through. These giants are the thinkers and doers shaping the landscapes of our insides, inspiring us to see a bigger picture, expanding the mind, opening the heart and redefining the ecologies that we live in. 

These giants are often not really the defined  by their physical size but in the manner they were able change the course of humanity. Their insights into the progress of a society. How they gave justice to a cause with a voice. The still unmovable force to the challenge, yet flexible to maneuver the obstacles. Their perspective held a becon of light to shine on the yoke of injustice or ignorance. 

The myth of these giants grows as they meet every challenge with a determined action that forces transition toward a meaningful  resolution…. a better way… a just way… just laws.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was such a giant. She fought for equality. She saw her position on the Supreme Court  of this nation as a duty to bring fairness and equality   to the law for the benefit  of  everyone. 

She was a champion  of women’s  rights. She forged the path for many women to fulfill their choices to do what they wanted for equal pay and to have sovereignty over their bodies. Her work set a standard for how to defend and define the laws of this land in order to create the opportunities, growth and to provide protection to the vulnerable.

In the last few years she had become  a bit of a Rockstar in her popularity an icon of strength and determination. She fought for all of us until the end. She saw her duty to keep the Supreme Court balanced during this time of upheaval in this country.

Her body finally gave out after a long life. Like all heros she was human. She understood  the value and weight of that…. The limits, potentials, ways to push beyond what are obstacles  in the mind and society. To make something out of your life that is of purpose and service. Her one life. Her one body could never really do all the work yet she set an example of what could be done with the one you have.

Many of us will grieve her. In that grief we must also stand on her shoulders… used the platform she built for us to continue the progression towards equality and a better humanity. To honor her we all need to not let her work slip out from under us weakening the foundation of progress or vanish in the brutally of the environment we are now living in.

We need to channel our grief into action and support the next generation of giants.

Rest in power and in peace RBG.

Today we take the baton and run the next length of this race….

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