Big Things….

One of the hardest concepts to convey in my work is the notion of how large the universe  is in the context  of dreaming and visualizing  the potential  for understanding who we are.  The size is so large most people can’t  grasp idea. It is the conflicting diversities of finite and infinite. The shear vastness of space and time. As well as the realization that our tiny view has only a small understanding  of the complexity and eloquence  of its existence.

To comprehend very large things one has to let go of small thinking. For many the small thinkings are the very mental structures that keep their daily world together. Today’s social/cultural dynamics  also help to shape the way the mind is forced to move through complex things without the time to deeply explore. Today’s  technology  also adds to the mix. This processing  of anything bigger, deeper, different, or curiosity producing  more than what is need in the moment  is dismissed as not useful, distracting or even taboo. We can call this the autonomy of ordinary  reality. The mundane. The process of being functional  and productive for usually a greater good or common vision.

The opposite  of this way of being would be something  that shatters the mechanics  of the mundane  and shows the extraordinary…. the magical.  Most people live with an institutionalized filter called religion, government. Or some other power of control that manipulates the gateway to the mystery  and enshrouds this  knowledge in equal parts fear and violence…. because  to know the mystery  is to know your origins and the universe. That is a powerful thing….

Education is the great equalizer it can show the mystery of the universe. It can open the door way to the microscopic  world and to the billions of galaxies  that are accelerating away from rhe center of this known universe. To learn and free the brain from just surviving is the the greatest fear of the greedy, the controlling and  powerful. Knowledge is empowering. With knowledge comes choices and options. With knowledge comes the nuance that allows for diversity and divergent ideas…. knowledge kills the paralysis of ignorance and the polarized divisiveness of fear that leads to hate.

In the wisdom of  great cosmic diversity and the enormous complexity of how things come together  and fall apart in the universe….. The great Whatever… The Power That Be…. created  the scruffy, curious, artists, teachers, mischiefmakers, shamans, and scientists. We asked questions  and observed the many beautiful and amazing things all around us. We saw beyond the mundane… into the mystery and instead of holding that mystery hostage and away from the rest…. Or calling it a Diety to manufacture the prevention of communion by restrictions to a hierarchical class of elites and priests….. We invited all  who wanted to see and experience the magic…..

The problem  though was how to express the largeness of it all. The big, vast, amazing of all it’s beautiful knowns and unknowns.  

Traditionally, people get tossed out of their small thinking when something shakes their world up. Grief. Sickness. Natural disaster. Trauma. Something that disturbed the entire base of ones reality. Something so shattering that it tears the very fabric of what you know.

That tear in thd fabric becomes the door way to other worlds and deeper explorations of the seem and unseen universe. This awakening is also the moment one chooses to be alive and part of this experience of living. The inner language changes from ” I know” to ” What do I see, hear, taste, touch….?” The world grows in size and is less polarized by the taboos of power. The seeking is not to find worthiness but to find deep connections…. the fear becomes curiosity and kindness the vehicle to love.

And from that place of love we find belonging and purpose.

More doors open…. more things become known and the universe becomes accessible…..

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