What Is Revealed

It has been the perfect storms of events over the last 2 months that have forced this country to face itself.  The blinding, piecing light of truth that shows all the imperfections, cracks and ugliness has made it way into the reality of our lives. And in a clinical way it has exposed  the tumors of our racist and classist  cancers that need to be removed. Perhaps we are a stage three. It’s  bad and the procedures  and methods  to cure it will be harsh. The body of liberty  and justice will be challenged  as the healing begins.  A good attitude  will help yet it is the willingness to go the course of the medications and treatments  that will bring the greatest out come for permanent change  toward and healthier society… world.

Racist ideologies are hardwired into the thoughts,  embedded into the tissues  and organs. They metastasize. They pass into the blood stream and eventually find the lungs and voice box. From there the words of hate and acts of violence. Finding the pedestals  of power in society and multiplying  the narratives of oppression and divisiveness. A feed back loop of indoctrination and acceptable order.

This systematic infiltration of racism is cultivated in an environment of social and cultural norms that have become a silent fabric of expression. They dig ruts into earth. Tactical actions and the denial of oppressive ideologies that go unquestioned as symbols of “American-ness” They flutter on like our flag a national symbol for unity until it starts to fray and unravel with time, the winds of change and awareness.

The surgery  for racism is traumatic. The psychological conflicts  of beliefs, behaviors and the freely administered expression of them must be removed. It is a necessity… it’s  what needs to be done. And like any surgery  into the body it will be traumatic.

The shaking ground under the foundations of our humanity. The storms of ideological changes. The disruption and chaos are all part of the initiation process. A new nation rises when the old one ceases to serve all it’s people. To no longer be what we were/are then there has to be direct action, intervention and even death/transformation.

The social and cultural medicines of education, policy, unity, equality, justice and along with the willingness to change institutions, beliefs and behaviors is the rehabilitation/evolution/revolution that needs to be the call to the individual, political structures and social actions we decide to live and cultivate every day until it becomes reality.

All great magic requires sacrifice. What we are willing to put into this country for it to be a vision and the manifestation of our best humanity is up to us and how we all proceed.

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