The fires keep burning. The frustration and rage has spilled out of the cauldron of inaction. Like lava this is slowly and steadily burning the earth… the asphalt… the tidy lines of faux justice, that defined the signals and yellow lines of social traffic. They are no longer holding down a rule of law slanted with inequities towards a demographic.

The silent voices that have been churning with injustices for years. Have said, “No more”

Privalage is laid bare for all who wish to see. The last breath of this monster coughs and heaves as we watch it die. The prophets said change would come. It has.

I woke up this morning thinking about the movie Gandhi that came out in the 80s. It wasn’t a perfect film about the man but gave a glimpse into how he used the methods of non violence and noncompliance to force the British out of India. Back then that film had a profound impact on me.

Back then I was living in the middle of the country. Going to the Kansas City Art Institute… watching Reagan dismantling the economic structures and ignoring a slowly rising pandemic. It’s seems we are back to a similar place only we are in a much more disheveled state… like the progressive distruction of addiction. We were a “functioning drunk” country staying one step ahead of the consequences of our addictions. We have never really reached a bottom unil now. We are crumbling and collapsing into reality. To that place where we can no longer keep doing what we have been doing. When we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We surrender to the realization that the “best minds” and intentions got us here…. it’s not that we are just unhappy or dissatisfied we are broken and exhausted from pretending that is has been working.

It is from this place that we can begin to move in a different direction. Make different choices. Negotiate different terms. Unite in ways that are sustainable and about equality and justice.

Recovery as a nation will be about taking deep inventories in our actions and behaviors. Accepting reality can be awkward and at the same time it sheds light on the fears… the ego… pride. That allows them to be seen. Adjusted so amends and reconciliation can happen. Forgiveness.

The willness to change. The need to surrender and accept that life WILL be different is our collective new challenge.

I think many of us are ready for “different”.

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