The Gift

Clouds- 2020

The technology race, the searing pace of our world was killing us, the need for more money, resources,  energy and everything  else was careening us to a global disaster…. Articles were written, video documentaries made, the media  frenzy, political minefields of greening America/world, etc….. an endless tidal force of get with the program  or you are part of the problem rhetoric that blasted and slashed it way through  the moral mud of our awareness. Everyday. Relentless.

Whether you are the prayerful sort or not the cogs of the universe still grid forward. Churning and moving the physical and biological processes that become our reality. Some might call this God and others will see it as the collective nature of the universe. It is these complex ecologies of forces that drive the world we live in that are often beyond our day to day experiences.

This mundane activity of our lives, work, home, recreation, industry, and technology became the intrest of a virus that as we are now seeing has changed the course of our lives all over the world.

“You seek problems because you need their gifts . ” Illusions by, Richard Bach

Gifts often come without warning. Without announcements. Without considering the full schedules and complicated lifes we live. The predictable rhythms we bang out as we commute and engage with the world. We become comfortable and complacent in the bubbles of our reality. We have assumed a safety that comes with all the structures and infrastructure that have evolved with our species success. Our coexistence with nature implies a kind of win on our part to harness it for our pleasures. And yet in the back of our collective mind we knew we were denying the reality of what was really happening. We were buying time. Pushing the pollution and destruction farther and farther away from the epicenter of our senses….

Along these roads and net works of technology and asphalt there came this gift. This tiny virus. And like all mystical and magical things it is the medicine and the menace. It will heal you by destroying you. It will magnify all your weaknesses and show you all your strengths. It will destroy delusion and make you aware. It will confront you with your mortality. It will initiate some to the next level and there will be those who will fight it for preserving what they thought was a good life.

For some right now this the first time in their lives that they have had to stop and sit with who they are. To listen without distraction to the cocaphony of noise that is their mind. This abrupt halt to the cause and affect of a world we all knew. This has caused shock waves of self identification  and self worth. It has raised the adrenaline to hyper levels inorder to finds ways to survive and navigate this world.

If we as a collective begin to understand the power of this gift. This point in our lives where we get to pause and stop the process of distraction. We will see that we can change the current direction for an evolutionary change. We can take this moment and engage in different way to be on this planet.

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