When the civil lies can no longer prop up what we really see. When the biast mechanisms of society are picked apart. Voices rise to demand change. The world stops and listens. As the remains of dead ideologies burn in the streets.


The fires keep burning. The frustration and rage has spilled out of the cauldron of inaction. Like lava this is slowly and steadily burning the earth… the asphalt… the tidy lines of faux justice, that defined the signals and yellow lines of social traffic. They are no longer holding down a rule of law slanted with inequities towards a demographic.

The silent voices that have been churning with injustices for years. Have said, “No more”

Privalage is laid bare for all who wish to see. The last breath of this monster coughs and heaves as we watch it die. The prophets said change would come. It has.

I woke up this morning thinking about the movie Gandhi that came out in the 80s. It wasn’t a perfect film about the man but gave a glimpse into how he used the methods of non violence and noncompliance to force the British out of India. Back then that film had a profound impact on me.

Back then I was living in the middle of the country. Going to the Kansas City Art Institute… watching Reagan dismantling the economic structures and ignoring a slowly rising pandemic. It’s seems we are back to a similar place only we are in a much more disheveled state… like the progressive distruction of addiction. We were a “functioning drunk” country staying one step ahead of the consequences of our addictions. We have never really reached a bottom unil now. We are crumbling and collapsing into reality. To that place where we can no longer keep doing what we have been doing. When we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We surrender to the realization that the “best minds” and intentions got us here…. it’s not that we are just unhappy or dissatisfied we are broken and exhausted from pretending that is has been working.

It is from this place that we can begin to move in a different direction. Make different choices. Negotiate different terms. Unite in ways that are sustainable and about equality and justice.

Recovery as a nation will be about taking deep inventories in our actions and behaviors. Accepting reality can be awkward and at the same time it sheds light on the fears… the ego… pride. That allows them to be seen. Adjusted so amends and reconciliation can happen. Forgiveness.

The willness to change. The need to surrender and accept that life WILL be different is our collective new challenge.

I think many of us are ready for “different”.

Eulogy for the Common

Life and death is a struggle every day. It is a choice for some. A battle for others. It is the blind sided slam of the unpredictable or the ill thought out…. some are mislead into battles they thought were intended as easy for victory. For these names on the front page and the stories they lived, the lives and gifts they brought to this earth. Their children… their every day presence in the lives of others we grieve.

This isn’t about praising the heroes or the damning the incompetence. This is praising the loss of the ordinary. Those who showed up everyday to make a day happen. The ones we marginalizes as useful and dismissed after the cordiality of interaction. They were holding the normal background rhythms of our lives.

These people held up the tiny threads and wove them into the fabric of daily life. They taught in schools. Served coffee. Mopped floors. Fixed cars. Scanned groceries. They walked beside us on the streets and mostly we took no notice of them as our attention focused on the tiny screens and tight linear direction of our lives moving always forward… away from the reality of falling behind… losing….

For some the irony of recognition on the front page of the New York Times comes a bit late. Their lives were the very essence of what makes this world tick and hum into existence. Without their willingness to shoulder the grinding cogs of the societal machine and return day after day held fixed by the circumstances of survival, getting an education, fulfilling dreams, paying rent, sorting out the land mines of life or fighting poverty’s grip….

In a world that constantly tells them they are not worth investing in but are required to clean up the messy garbage of privalage, and Capitalism.

All of these names and the ones that will follow as we continue to navigate this virus and all the chaos it brings. All of you were the very life force of this country. YOUR worth and your value is echoed in the halls, kitchens, homes, garages, gardens, offices, classrooms, farms, shops, etc….

My condolences to you, your families and the hole that is left in the lives you have touched, the world you created and the reality you show us. If we are at all compassionate then we will come together and resolve this in your names.

The Gift

Clouds- 2020

The technology race, the searing pace of our world was killing us, the need for more money, resources,  energy and everything  else was careening us to a global disaster…. Articles were written, video documentaries made, the media  frenzy, political minefields of greening America/world, etc….. an endless tidal force of get with the program  or you are part of the problem rhetoric that blasted and slashed it way through  the moral mud of our awareness. Everyday. Relentless.

Whether you are the prayerful sort or not the cogs of the universe still grid forward. Churning and moving the physical and biological processes that become our reality. Some might call this God and others will see it as the collective nature of the universe. It is these complex ecologies of forces that drive the world we live in that are often beyond our day to day experiences.

This mundane activity of our lives, work, home, recreation, industry, and technology became the intrest of a virus that as we are now seeing has changed the course of our lives all over the world.

“You seek problems because you need their gifts . ” Illusions by, Richard Bach

Gifts often come without warning. Without announcements. Without considering the full schedules and complicated lifes we live. The predictable rhythms we bang out as we commute and engage with the world. We become comfortable and complacent in the bubbles of our reality. We have assumed a safety that comes with all the structures and infrastructure that have evolved with our species success. Our coexistence with nature implies a kind of win on our part to harness it for our pleasures. And yet in the back of our collective mind we knew we were denying the reality of what was really happening. We were buying time. Pushing the pollution and destruction farther and farther away from the epicenter of our senses….

Along these roads and net works of technology and asphalt there came this gift. This tiny virus. And like all mystical and magical things it is the medicine and the menace. It will heal you by destroying you. It will magnify all your weaknesses and show you all your strengths. It will destroy delusion and make you aware. It will confront you with your mortality. It will initiate some to the next level and there will be those who will fight it for preserving what they thought was a good life.

For some right now this the first time in their lives that they have had to stop and sit with who they are. To listen without distraction to the cocaphony of noise that is their mind. This abrupt halt to the cause and affect of a world we all knew. This has caused shock waves of self identification  and self worth. It has raised the adrenaline to hyper levels inorder to finds ways to survive and navigate this world.

If we as a collective begin to understand the power of this gift. This point in our lives where we get to pause and stop the process of distraction. We will see that we can change the current direction for an evolutionary change. We can take this moment and engage in different way to be on this planet.