Where are we?

Success of a Species….

I was born in 1964. In the middle of a country clashing to move toward a different way of being. I am a product of that free love thing some of you practiced. I came into the world on a wave of revolutionary turmoil. That rebellion would lay down the foundation for my life and the journey many of us would take from that exploding torrent of counter culture and the dream of a more humanitarian world.

What happened. The good paying jobs from my parents generation evaporate and were sent over seas. Leaving a vacuum in place of long term choices and stability. Unions were demonized, pensions became 401 plans that gambled the stock market, you got paid what was deemed the minimum to keep stuck until your usefulness or experience betrayed you, hope for any kind of real retirement today looks pretty non-existent.

Basic wages stagnated for the greater population while the world economy grew exponentially for a few clever and “brilliant” visionaries. As this growth harvested the natural resources for profit and preached the almighty gospels of Capitalism, Consumerism, and Power. It propagandized the delusion that you are what you own and you had to fake it until you made it with loans, credit and borrowing money to pretend you are part of the club. Investing in the stock market was a tool for showing the health of an economy that could not save itself from any seismic shift that forces it all to tumble down.

They print more money and it cheapens everything. Dangerously deflates the value of time and human resources. It is the promise from a deranged God that laughs at his sadistic power to make everyone love him for a piece of paper with out any backing.

Our species has evolved into over population. We can not reconcile our numbers to match the reduction of resources and the fragile ecology of the environment. Like the defining truth of supply and demand we are less valued because the resources it takes for most of us to survive is not worth the investment. Governments corrupted by corporate moneys, disregard the poor and support those who praise their brilliance…. they mock the vulnerable as lazy and continue to take away any infrastructure that could create a way out of the despair. Worth is measure by what is put into the Capitalist game, which is why those with power can without much consequence measure their worth against the shining tower of the wealthly and Capitalism. They won the game.

In all of this today is tangled with a silent killer that many are not educated enough to understand from the very system we pay for with taxes. We have shifted from reality to a cartoon of reality. We live in a world of pretenders and liars. All of them trying to sell something or convince you that they know the way. We are trapped looking at tiny screens scrolling because the world got dangerous and no one planned for it. We are angry, miserably lonely and uncertainty of what comes next. For the average person the failure on every level is damning and terrifying. Rent. Mortgages. Bills.

But in true skewed reality we are fed all these ways to make it fun or productive. While sorting through the slog of Covid-19 news that presents contradictions as information and leaves us with our free will and choice as we shoulder the burden of responsibility to figure it out on our own.

The sky and the natural world has some how started to fill the gaps of our absence with beauty. Bird sounds. Flowers. Tiny buds and leaves. The bleakness of winter is shifting into a climate that is touched by less humans. This is the ultimate truth of this planet it keeps adapting and changing to mitigate it’s survival and evolution.

This planet is also our home. We have a hard and difficult road ahead. The transformation that must happen will not be one that continues what we had. It needs to… has to come from a truly wholistic and interconnected place. The future can not be made from a foundation of consumption, Capitalism and consumerism. Every great society, every species that has achieved unchallenged success hits the wall of limited resources, population, corruption, disease, and collapse. We are right there. What we do now depends on great sacrifice and actions to ensure we do have future on this planet.

Some will rebel as we are seeing. Some will hide out and wait for things to pass. Others are standing in the trenches of medicine desperately trying to do what is necessary to help those in need. The natural selection of choices will ultimately decide the fates of many. Like the Mayan, Angor Wat, Rome, and the rest we will be defined by the remaining structures that we invest in as crucial to our sense of existence. I would hope we can agree that it needs to be more than piles of plastic, raped lands for resources, and the failure of our selves to navigate and sustain a meaningful connection to this Earth because of a blind selfishness and an internal chemistry that poisons reason for pleasure and gratification.

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