The Beat Goes On….

If this virus has shown us anything it is the fragileness of connection. We have willfully created false and virtual networks. In a race to evolve into something better that could not be delivered on the platform. These networks are based on an efficiency that humans can not live up to… we are less machine and more nebulous conglomerates of proteins, cells, chemicals and water struggling each day to feed and sleep with out being consumed. 200 million years hasn’t changed us much. Our brains got bigger and we became more aware of how the world works and yet our evolution still doesn’t protect us from our cleverness.

There is no “right dosage” for connection. Yet we continue to seek the balance of work, isolation, family, relationships, etc…. that will produce a well rounded human. This is also highly skewed with wealth and resources. Those who have more tend to navigate a different sets of problems. While the those that don’t have much inherent theirs. Where these to worlds rub together creates a friction. Each can see each other. And the fence has sides. There is an assumption that one is greener.

In the places of over lap, in the hierarchy of the work place and how people live. Causes, consequences and conditions…. poverty, workers strikes, education, gated communities, domestic help, wages, worth, and the grinding costs of birth, time and aging….

Add to this a radical uninvited guest. A Pathogen. A virus and the entire system collapses. The rhythms of structures and expectations lose synchronization. The life beat becomes arrhythmic. People stop because it feels like they will die… some will…. the virus will exploit the places where is sees its success.

The life beat we all carry is looking for the 1. The place to anchor the timing and the pulse . That place where the polyrhythmic chaos will syncopate and weave us back together. 2/4, 4/4, 6/8… or something new.

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