We could continue  to dance the political minefield of who’s to blame in the Covid-19  virus spreading, the mishandling of the testing, and such. I get it. This sucks pretty bad. It’s  scary.

Something  to think about…. a little perspective, this virus does NOT give a crap about your political affiliation race, religion,  wealth or lack of it….  it wants to succeed  in  surviving. It’s  living life.

With this in mind,  maybe we need to stop and take this time of pause to redirect our priorities.  What divides us in this current situation will make many sick and could kill many of us… 
Is that worth the fear,  hate and anger we spread towards each other? When the economy  collapses  will all the hoarding  keep you safe? Are all your  digital gadgets  and such going to give you comfort and fulfillment?  Will the prayers of your Gods be answered?

We come into this world naked and leave just as naked. Everything we acquire and do during this life is only as valued  as the myths we create around it. And this earth will swallow us and all of it back into itself and spit put something new as it had done forever.

The Gods we fear are not money, stock markets,  the pundits of the powerful, Governments and the laws that chain us to the the grindstone  of Capitalism.

The Gods we fear are us. The beautiful things we create and do. The way we live and care. Our curiosity and compassion. The deeply human qualities that have gotten lost in the false ideologies of money and power.

Our wealth is in us. We have an opportunity now to take action to change  and become  the things that we lost need to heal.  Our value is not in what we have but who we are.

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