Plagues and Prophecies

Full moon with clouds – 2020

I stopped thinking I could predict the future after many failed relationships where I clearly did not read the “signs” correctly. Getting my heart broken over and over is a motivator for a different way. Divination can be a lazy way out of taking responsibility. False optimism no matter how strong can not sway the reality of people, places and things. I have tried. I’m stubborn and persistent too. None of my barting with the powers that be made magic. They provided plenty of lessons for introspection, growing, learning more about myself and how I navigate the world.

I think on some deep level humans want to feel in control and have some power over their destiny. It makes sense when we look at the complexity and volatility of the earth and nature. To want some kind of safe understanding of our purpose here.

In our naked state we are fragile creatures with a developed brains and thumbs. We survive through the process of problem solving and creativity. Curiousity becomes the vehicle that carries our ability to look at the world and imitate, discover, design and elaborate on the patterns and designs found in nature. We do this in order to build and cultivate the world to our needs. We have our unique skill set for this and so do the billions of other species we co-habit the planet with.

California mugwart- 2020

Some where in this long history of us we began to develop language and writing. In general, writing was used to communicate, document daily exchanges, and also predict the relationship between us and the world around us. The idea of prophecy and divination…. to connect to the deep under current of things or to the cosmic forces that run the cogs and wheels of this universe. Personified, these become Gods, Goddesses, the spirits of places, and the demons of disruption.

We find these kinds of ideologies all over the planet. They are formed and attributed to the geography, social hierarchy of people. They control/define the intellectual growth and knowledge of the community. We can see this in the mega churches across America and in the tribal villages in remote parts of the world.

Night Clouds- 2020

As I’m writing this today the world is struggling to stop a pandemic. There is a locust swarm eating it’s way across eastern Africa. The Earth is burning in places…. the world economy is showing the cracks of collapse…. the waters are rising… famines…. war….. etc…. These are the predictions from prophecies that were written by those who sought to warn us of our current situation. If I was of less education I might think we are in the end times. (I do have a lot of empathy for those who do feel this.)

When the stability of reality desinigrates and the fragile grasp we have on the patterns that weave our lives together unravel we are forced into shock, fear, denial, and all the irrational thoughts and feelings that come when the world seems unsafe. Xenophobia, blame, rage, and all the reactionary responses kick in and humanity does terrible things in the name of survival. Some use their Gods to justify the changes and the use of violence towards others. Some look for the prophecies to guide the way… Charlatans tease out a lucrative profit from the ferment and fear.

These mind and emotional plagues are more damaging than the microbes and climate shifts that started the process. If anything at this time I hope we can bring about a new age of reason. Where we rise above our fears and figure out how to work together. We throw out the Gods and spirits that were designed to control and meter the education and ideas of so many. Perhaps this is my thin line of optimism… dressed up as a small prediction…. a human prophecy that we embody to carry us forward through these times.

We are not going to solve our situation(s) by using the same thinking, actions and beliefs. All that got us here in this moment. And for many it has become the unacceptable burden of living right now. I also know it takes a bit of chaos to shake up new ideas.

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