The Magical Achemy of Being….

We are not born in this world only to escape it when things get hard or difficult. The fullness of the earth experience; ie, life… living is through the body. There is no other way. The journey is designed to break you and rebuild you over and over…. that is the great nature of the universe. It is the prolific artist of cosmic pallets made of stars stuff. The creations are equations of elegance, mediocrity, and failures that fold back into the dust of particles to be reformed again…. and again.

We can look at the language of “past lives”, “present moment”, and “future lives” and perhaps if we look long enough realizes that they are all the same. They are a simultaneous experiences unfolding and reinventing themselves in everyone in every moment into infinity. This is the alchemy. The tiny bits that attract and decay over time to give weight to matter and solidity to energy. Calculating the formation of potential in both chaos and predictabile formulas of the periodic table. Particals participate in a movement that is as beautiful as the captured motion of Shiva in his bronze murtti dancing the cosmology of the stars.

Bronze Shiva Statue