As Wide as The Sky

Pacific Ocean – 2020

The road stretches and bends. Winds down along the coast. To my right the falling away of the earth revealed the beauty of blue waters, stones, the lush plants of a coastal habitat. Kelp rolled in the waves. Foam churned in the surf against the rocks. It was hard to leave. So much beauty.

Then I turned east on to the rolling desert of scruby plants, yucca and josha trees articulated in their odd way. The ground dried and the sky opened up. The mountains rose in jagged colors of reds, greys and blues. The sun burned down on the earth. Dust flies at the slightest touch creating haze and clouds. Power lines cross the empty spaces carry the energy for places far away. The artificial mesas made with the discarded rubble from mining stretch past the 20 Mule Team Road. Trucks and boots kick up dust and the day collapses with the particles sticking to windows and everything else.

The sky expanded cloudless and blue. Creating the dome which the Sun arched across on it’s travel everyday.

The car smells of sage and mugwart. Dust covers the dashboard. The road is a straight line dividing the mountains as the sun follows me into the Mojave.

Mojave desert – 2020

I’m making the long way back east under a big sky.