My last day on the Pacific coast was a mix of packing, seeing a client, getting the car ready to head back east. I finally set off down Route 1 at around 3:30pm. The sun was starting it’s desent to the horizon and the fog was hanging on the hills and rolling out over the water. The tide was coming in yet the surface of the ocean was calm, almost mirror-like reflecting the sky colors and the sun as it peek in and out.

I was about 10 miles north of Big Sur when I first noticed the whales. I had to get my binoculars to get a better look. They confirmed that the water plumes that were refracting and creating rainbow mist when the sun hit them were whales. A small pod of maybe 6 to 8 making their way south. Moving south along with me. I followed them for about 3 miles. Stopping to see if they were still out there. I did see a tail and one rolled on its side. Mostly, I just saw them swimming and breathing… diving down and coming up breaking the surface to blow out water and taking in a new breath. I stopped to take in each beautiful view of them. Feeling blessed by the ocean and the beauty she gifted me during my stay out here.

So many Blessings….