Coast to Coast

I’m watching the sunset. The burning ball of fire that heats the surface of the earth drops down in the vast spread of the Pacific horizon. I find this to be one of my favorite things to when on the west coast. Having grown up on the opposite side of this country the sun was birth out of the Atlantic to start the day. The East was birthing life. The passage to new beginning and new ideas. The West waters are the transition to death and transmutation. The waters of the deep emotions and grief.

Sunset Big Sur – 2020

Both of these oceans feel deeply feminine. Each are the midwives of different stages of life. Both equal in wisdom and the spectrum of emotions that govern the great mother of this planet’s life.

I’m pulled over at a viewing point on route 1 in California. Some point between Big Sur and Monterey. It has been another long haul across the country. Connecting. Experiencing. Wrestling with the information that is presented. After my seven days in the desert I am welcoming the warm sun and salt air. The 3/4 moon is above and a large lonely star hangs over the ocean in front of me. Others are starting to blink through the fading light of the sun as he sets the final edge of the horizon to a deep red glow. I am far away from home. I feel that today. It is this longing that feels odd when in some ways the whole world is my home. I am part of this beautiful and elegant mastery of chemistry, physics and chaos…. the miracle of being. We all are. We forget though.

Moon – 2020

While in the desert I connected to the spirits there so clearly and deeply it seemed to alter all my senses. The cactus gave me wisdoms and the stars showed me there full array. The big message they offered was that we humans belong. We need to remember we were made from the dirt and soil of this planet. We are billions of years in the making. We are star dust… and water… and magic…. and our story is the story of this planet.

Organ pipe cactus – 2020

So the cactus pointed out that we need to stop fighting the climate and figure out how to adapt. It is through this adaptation that the planet will shift back to a cooler state. We need to learn how the ecologies of the desert work to support life and practices those.

Cactus – 2020

On my second night in the desert I woke and stepped out into the night and watched the stars. There were so many the sky was lit up by them and it was like I was in them not just looking at them. Every corner of the sky was filled with tiny pin pricks of light. Traveling through time and space to illuminate the story from the beginning of time. Each one holding its place in the universe. And as I was in the awe of it a large shooting star passed across the sky.

To be continued…..