Petroglyphs camp ground- 2020

Last night the sun took it’s time to fall behind the horizon. The bright ball disappearing with a tiny red flash. The intensity of it’s light held the cloudless sky hostage in the shifting spectrum of color going from red to cobalt blue as the night blanketed over head.

Sunset – 2020

The crescent moon following the sun hung mid way in the sky growing brighter with the sun’s departure. The moon reflects the light down to illuminate the bushes and small things. Awakening mice and scorpions. The night life stirs.

The stars. Tiny pin pricks of light. The time traveling messages from somewhere back in the history of this universe, expanding outward carrying the mystery of birth and the story of how it all becomes. So any stars. So many stories. So much to fill this sky tonight. Worlds forming. Atoms smashing together. Life. Death. The infinite dance of cosmic forces.

I witness this through the lens of my eye as the sky fills with more and more dots of light. I wonder about the vastness of this expanding universe and how finite our tiny earth rock feels. Hydrogen is everything. Literally it is what makes everything. There is more of it in the universe than anything else. It is infinate. Hydrogen can become anything. It’s interactions drive the metabolic process of stars. It’s tinyness and simplicity are the driving forces of it’s success.

I wonder did complex forms like us humans give up their infinity for consciousness?

This question falls on the silence of tiny star light as the milky way comes into view. The constellation of Orion along with the dipper starts to blend in with all the other stars. Tonight is a gift of no light pollution and the sky is full.

We lose this in cities and with our manufactured light. I had to let my eye adjust. The sky gets more three dimensional. Deeper. Undulating in the movement of light coming towards me are different times and distance. Light years.

Although, I feel small in this big-ness I do not feel insignificant. My story is some how relevant for this finite manifestation of star dust. My awareness and consciousness is what keeps this seemly infinitesimal experience a curious journey to connect, witness and fight for it’s continuation.