The Gods are Gambling

Titan missile launch pad

Visiting the site of a nuclear weapon might not seem a fitting place for a shaman. Yet, it is. In these places where life and death meet. In the places where the uncomfortable realization of cosmic balance held by the moral fabric of reason, love, and the knowledge that neither can win if there is a contest. I belong here to appease these Gods. Or at least remind them that I see. These missile Gods we made to some how bring peace by existing and not using. Their stalemate of power meant to be impressive yet impotent by an interantional treaty. They hang on just to be silent in their technologies and the threat to use them.

The museum

Shamans argue with Gods. We can it’s part of the agreement to serve. We are the cosmic lawyers. The loved and hate thorns in the side humanity and a persistent nuisance to Gods. We are scruffy and determine to not let this world implode/explode. The Gods made us this way to keep things reasonably fair. Shamans keep them in line and remind them that life is more amazing, precious and magical than their arrogance and other worldly passions. Life is not an amusement. It is the very fabric and praise that keeps them fed and remembered and for us on this eden called earth.

And this exchange and balance yields knowledge. That knowledge is often incomplete and humans make things we regret. A little knowledge makes us feel God-like sometimes….

Some Gods gave us the thirst for war and much of our knowledge is tested there. The Gods want to see what we will do with the parts and pieces. They like a good show and have never lost their lust for blood offerings despite our hominid evolution towards love and a peaceful world. Humans die… God’s live forever. We have different perspectives.

I’m here this morning watching the sun rise. Drinking coffee and leaving prayers. Feeling the tension of where we are right now with all these things. And if the Gods made us we most certainly have formed them in images that suit our own need for power and lust. We dance this cosmic dance of life and death testing the surface tension to see how far we can push it. We want to be Gods. Some more than others.

Antenna at the Titan museum

We need prayers and actions of resistance more than ever. We are in that place where life and death meet. A familiar ground that repeats with each age. The world is testing its resilience. The Gods are wagering bets on the out come and Shamans are poking at them.

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