The Awakening

It is everything and nothing
The most boring and the magical
It rips you apart from the inside and plunges deep inside as to cause breathlessness
It seduces and repulses
It nags at the lingering memories and cajoles you to continue  the journey

It laughs
It cries
It rises as a fury and fills your head with angst
It makes you forget the reasons
It reminds you that none of it matters
It tells you truth is not a slave to your needs
And love never was as small as you were taught to believe
It tells you none of it will last and it will always be here

It will not let you grasp it in your hands yet, you will be able to form it into beautiful things
All prayers invoke it
It does not age with time
It always remembers  who you are
And will draw you back from the edges
It will teach you the songs
And sit with you in the long dark silences

It knows

It heals

It listens

It will drag you through the irrational and shake you awake….