I am sitting here in Florida taking in the recent actions of the President. I can not stress enough how this assassination is fuel for what could be another senseless war where the end is corruption, damaged men and women, huge debt “We the people” will pay for while the war mongers get rich off the backs of soilders, the plundering of resources and vulnerable civilians. We have been down this road before. Perhaps today we will realized the fallacy and consequences of violence as a means to creating peace and stability and take a different course.

These methods might bring the temporary truce of non violence and the appearance of peace yet, it is only a short reprieve from a recalculation to more violence. No one is inclined to make good long term decisions under a pointed gun. Bargaining under the violence only leads to irrational actions that serve for short terms relief. It creates a cycle of power exchange. The delusion of winning.

The atrition of war is not a guarantee of weapons reduction. It is a gamble that enough force will buy time and perhaps  create the space for diplomacy. Rarely, does this work without human casualties, infrastructure damage, the lost of antiquities, and the rise of corruption and the destruction of cultures, societies, and governments.

It is I believe today, our duty as citizens to not comply with any declaration of war especially when it insighted with the intent for the personal gain of a corrupt, incompetent, misleading, and racist president.

Silence = Death

Silence = Approval

Silence = Violence

Silence = War

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