2020 Wishes

The road ahead – 2019

I wish that this year brings the world together as a united force to truly address the climate in a meaningful and productive way.

I wish the hate, fears, phobias about race, sexual orientation, spiritual/religious beliefs, and poverty end and we find ways to collaborate with our diversity to create a stronger healthier humaity.

That we get over thinking that being different is cataclysmic, dangerous, or immoral and learn to see strength in Diversity….

That war is no longer profitable, useful or the way we solve problems…

We recognize that we need to be good stewards of the planet and take the necessary steps to fix the problems of our progress…

That we stop using violence as a way to peace…

That we learn to share resources in a sustainable way…

That we be come more kind…

That we stop confusing entitlement with enlightenment…

That we all learn to love more and act on that….

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