What Do We See?

Rain Glass and the Sky – 2019

It’s easy to dismiss the reality of what is there. Most of us do this to some degree. It’s a kind of filtering to generate a useful focusing. In doing so much of the beauty of the world is lost. When it does seep in we might have projections and feelings that are based on the level of convience the experience it evokes.

Because of this we tend to place value on the usefulness of observations and not the enriching qualities they offer us. We are in a sense cutting off our connections to the world through a kind of censorship that we have been entrained to believe makes us better at being in the world

I would suggest challenging that. Being present in all it’s applied and implied definitions is about this moment. Be here now. This is the point in time where all we embody is getting an opportunity to engage in this life experience. So, often we wrestle our thoughts with the past or future and even more so the societal constraints of acceptable behavior, observation and objectivity. These might give cohesion to the group in uniting a kind of unified directive. Yet, it requires the individual gives up freely experiencing for gathering information to produce in supporting the group/community/ cultural sustainability.

Art has always been a way or tolerable social niche for letting individuals explore the environment and the unfolding experiences of being in a place and time.

Sun Light, ripples and Water – 2019

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