What Remains

Gingko leaves – 2019

What Remains – Is a photo essay on the elegance of transformation, death, dying and decay in the natural world. These subjects are often taboo in our western cultures. We have a fascination with living and life to the point of not seeing death and the process of dying as part of it.

My intention with the composition of these images is to show the beauty, elegance and giving the subjects an aesthetic resonance. I want the audience to spend time looking deeper at the beauty of it. I don’t want the to tone to be morbid. I’m looking to invoke the curious and the perhaps the inner story teller to be invited to explore. Giving the subjects a memoir that is everyone’s story

These images are taken from my travels across the country in over the last two years. They represent the diverse ways that nature is transparent, honest and transforming in its process of moving from one state of existence to another. This set of images also has the remnants of life. These are the shells and nests that speak to the safe place where life is lived and nurtured. Now they are empty left to the weather and time to also become the stuff of new life

Life and death are part of the great journey we all take on this planet How something dies and is slowly repurposed into new life is one of the great mysteries we need to be paying attention to.

All these photos are original works and are available for purchase.

Dolphin Outer banks North Carolina- 2019
Large Dead Fish Dalphin Island Gulf Coast Mississippi – 2019
Deer Neck Bones -2019
Nest – 2019
Spiral Shell – 2019
Seaweeds – 2018
Horseshoe crab – 2019
Shells from the California coast – 2019
Seaweed Oregon Coast – 2018
Sea bird – 2018
Seagull -2019

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