A New Year and Road Ahead…

Prayers for the year.
Prayers for those I met for those I met for the first time
Prayers for those I held in sacred space
Prayer for the ones transitioning
Prayers for the new ones just born
Prayers for those resisting
Prayer for those who have walk along the road with me all these years
Prayers for the kind
Prayers to those who fight for the waters
Prayers for those who have lost their way
Prayers for the addicted
Prayers for those who seek answers
Prayers for those who hear the song of the universe
Prayers for the artists and those who make things
Prayers for the ones who fight for what’s right
Prayers to the ones that know every thing is connected…. prayers to all of those I forgot …

These prayers were offered into the Shamhain fire this year. The beginning of a new direction and perhaps a deeper root into the next evolution of my life. To serve is often a foggy road with very little to guide you. What is certain is the ground beneath the feet and the movement forward. Meeting each moment as it presents itself. Trust is the hardest lesson to navigate. The signs and signals present and disapear. The power of choice and knowing when and where to push beyond the hesitation and risk.

The best laid plans are not part of the Cosmic GPS for mortals. We are tested. Each day we get to start again. We get to show up and the explore the mystery and if we are lucky, the curiousity, the choices we make and everything else aligns, then life will take us on adventures.

I am Blessed by all of you in my life.

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